Y-PlaN Resilient by Design Youth Challenge

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Resilient by Design is excited to partner with Y-PLAN through the UC Berkeley's Center for Cities+Schools (CC+S).

For nearly two decades, Y-PLAN has offered a framework within which to meaningfully engage students to conduct ecological, social, and political research about the impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and healthy, vibrant communities.

CC+S seeks to build on their recent Y-PLAN resilience work and develop an aligned youth Resilience Challenge aimed at engaging 500 high school students in being Resilient By Design.

What is the youth challenge?

CC+S is building on their existing school district and education networks across the Bay Area to create a “Y-PLAN Resilient by Design Youth Challenge.” Using the nationally recognized Y-PLAN methodology, young people will engage with experts and local stakeholders to co-design innovative and implementable solutions, emphasizing the interconnectedness of land, water, infrastructure and the quality of life—with local specificity and ownership. CC+S is committed to working with youth and schools furthest from opportunity, or “at risk”, and in greatest need of access to opportunities, such as Y-PLAN, that are academically rigorous, relevant to their lives and meaningful to their whole communities.

Core Components

  • Working with over 15 Bay Area high school classrooms
  • Inviting selected Resilient By Design Teams to serve as “Adult Allies” to Y-PLAN student teams to:

    • structure specific questions for the student teams to tackle in the Spring 2018 Y-PLAN Project Development Phase;

    • provide local expertise and guidance to student teams; and

    • serve as role models and sources of inspiration for future college and career readiness for the young resilience planners.

  • Providing UC Berkeley student mentorship to the high school teams

  • Creating over 15 classroom based, and youth led, resilience design proposals

  • Exposing young people to learn more about future careers in the resilience field and college pathways required

  • Sharing the insights across the region through digital storytelling, website development, quarterly e-newsletter, and video documentation

Questions? Contact Myrna Ortiz Villar (Y-PLAN) or Tira Okamoto (RbD).