Watershed Tour with Residents

Permaculture + Social Equity Team (P+SET), Marin City 

Marin County


P+SET, Shore Up Marin and local residents went on a tour of Marin City following the flow of water from the hills to the bay shoreline. The tour helped the team and community members learn where current flooding hotspots are, raise awareness about the course and encourage sign ups. The team took the tour after initiating their partnership with Shore Up Marin as a way to hear from residents and garner interest in Designing Our Own Solutions course.

Your Turn 

Research what historic watershed you live in and where water used to flow from the hills to the bay shoreline. Start from the highest accessible point and follow the water down hill documenting where you can see water present now. Make note where you know there is current flooding and if sea level rise or more severe storms could exacerbate these flooding hotspots. Find where the water meets the bay shoreline and note if this is a different location from where the water flowed historically.