The Home Team was assembled to explore affordability as a driver of deep transformation, and to leverage multiple benefits that can emerge when a design approach is co-created through the lens of home. Our team’s conceptual approach is rooted in an urban ecology of equitable bioregionalism. We propose re-envisioning our home as interdependent and a contributing component of the Bay’s natural systems for all people who live here. We seek to heal divisions and cultivate solutions, based on shared values, assets and vulnerabilities.

The physical design team is led by Mithun, a San Francisco- and Seattle-based interdisciplinary design firm of architects, landscape architects, urban designers, urban planners and interior designers. Collaborating team members share local knowledge and the perspective of complex interdependence: Biohabitats, Integral Group, Moffatt & Nichol, HR&A Advisors, Alta Planning + Design, Urban Biofilter and the Resilient Design Institute.

As an important complement to the physical design team members, The Home Team includes Bay Area-based community development corporation Chinatown Community Development Center, as well as the social justice-focused organization, I-SEEED/Streetwyze. These team members bring established local relationships with residents and stakeholders, as well as a multi-layered understanding of issues of affordability and social strife.


Mithun | Chinatown Community Development Center | ISEEED/Streetwyze | BioHabitats | Integral Group | HR&A Advisors | Moffat & Nichol | ALTA Planning | Urban Biofilter | Resilient Design Institute


  • Interdisciplinary Design
  • Community Engagement + Participation
  • Ecological + Built Environment
  • Finance + Governance Consulting
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Personal Mobility
  • Decontamination
  • Targeted Implementation Strategy

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