The Field Operations Team brings a bold and optimistic vision for how the Bay Area can better adapt to climate change, rising sea levels and related environmental stresses in the coming decades.

We begin with the framework of ‘ONE BAY, MANY COMMUNITIES, MANY SOLUTIONS’. The notion of ‘One Bay’ speaks to the bay as something shared and fundamental. The notion of ‘Many Communities’ speaks to the great number of settlements that surround the bay, and the great diversity of priorities and points-of-view. The notion of ‘Many Solutions’ speaks to the diversity of conditions around the bay - and the importance of an approach that accommodates rich variation and difference. These three guiding frameworks will form the basis around which our work will take shape.

James Corner Field Operations is an interdisciplinary urban design and landscape architecture practice based in New York City and San Francisco. Our Team of innovative, collaborative and locally-based designers, engineers, ecologists, urban strategists, and communication specialists aims to thoughtfully imagine new possibilities for the Bay Area that can grow in scale, incentivize investment, build public support and excitement, facilitate coordination across jurisdictions, and contribute to the larger global effort to increase resilience.


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  • Coastal Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Wetland Ecology
  • Community Outreach

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