TEAM Uplift




Team UPLIFT is a diverse group with deep, far-ranging experience, well able to address the challenges of resiliency in the Bay Area. Our core team consists of Gensler, Arup, and Margie Ruddick Landscape (MRL), and we are supported by HR&A Advisors, Stamen Design, UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES), and Stanford University Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) group.


Our collective experience spans scales, disciplines, and the globe. Gensler, founded over 50 years ago in San Francisco, will provide urban planning, design, and architecture expertise. Arup, a global engineering consultancy, brings environmental engineering, infrastructure, and resiliency risk analysis, and MRL leads the landscape architecture and ecological design efforts. HR&A Advisors will bring public finance and policy insight, while Stamen Design will assist in the data visualization and research.

The diversity and depth of our team enables us to approach this greatest of 21st century challenges with experience, openness, and creativity. We approach with open minds and hearts, with no presumption that we know the answers in advance. We will eagerly listen to the voices of the community to guide us, because the foundation we create today is the one that our shared community will depend on in the future.


Gensler | ARUP | Margie Ruddick Landscape (MRL)|  HR&A Advisors | Stamen Design | UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability |  Stanford Sustainable Urban Systems Initiative


  • Planning + Urban Strategy
  • Design + Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Public Finance + Policy
  • Data Visualization + Analysis
  • Environmental Communications Strategy

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