Speed-Dating Style Workshops

Resilient by Design

Some of the most knowledgeable local experts on how to get projects planned, permitted and constructed – representatives from regulatory agencies, flood control districts, regional and state agencies and others – don’t often get a chance to share that knowledge beyond existing proposals that are part of their review process. Through out the Bay Area Challenge, Resilient by Design was able to unlock that knowledge in an informal setting through a set of “speed-dating” style workshops. These workshops gave participants a chance to have short but meaningful conversations about specific topics that they would not be able to dive into in a traditional panel discussion, and inspired collaborative brainstorming efforts between designers, community members and agency representatives.

Your Turn

Think of a workshop where you want to dive deep into multiple subject areas in short periods of time. Invite experts to be table hosts. Workshop participants will split into groups and move around the tables in 20 minute intervals and get a chance to breifly connect to experts.