Open Call For Site Ideas




Do you know a vulnerable place in the Bay Area that would benefit from an innovative design strategy? 

*Exciting news! Due to the tremendous response and growing interest from our local communities, we have decided to extend the site submission period to Monday July 31, 2017 to ensure communities throughout the region have a chance to be heard.

Over the next year, residents and local leaders will partner with local, national and international experts from the design community – architects, engineers, designers, planners and more - to develop innovative solutions that build our region’s resilience to threats like sea level rise, severe storms, flooding and earthquakes while also addressing critical issues such as disparities in housing, income, access to open space, and environmental justice.

To make this initiative successful, we need you to help us to identify the Bay Area’s most vulnerable ecological systems and most vulnerable bayfront communities, as well as our infrastructure at risk from a natural disaster. We're looking for areas that could benefit from the creative, innovative energy from a multi-disciplinary design team partnering with local leaders to come up with implementable solutions.

Your ideas will help inform a collaborative research tour of the region. Led by local Resilient by Design experts, the research tour will enable selected Design Teams to develop a deep understanding of the needs of local communities, while meeting with local residents and researching our unique resilience challenges. This process will educate Design Teams to better determine which sites can have the greatest impact and create more resilient communities.




Submit your site ideas using the form below


Below are a few examples of fictional areas around the Bay to give you an idea of what we are looking for. The ideas can vary in size and scope.  Places well suited for this challenge will offer opportunities for solutions that provide multiple benefits for local communities. 

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3