Sea Leveling Rods

The Home Team, North Richmond

Contra Costa County


This an art project and a community building first-response tool that visualizes the effects of climate change by relating projected sea levels with a familiar place. An array of rods is placed in the inter-tidal zone of local water bodies to show projected sea level rise. The rods themselves can be made of a variety of materials, cut to measure and painted as a participatory activity for all ages. The project gathers community to physically articulate change at scale and place--a co-operative exercise which enables informed dialogue about the future. 

Your Turn

Invite community to make Sea Leveling Rods to measure and monitor local sea levels and flooding—as a hands-on group activity; identify sites to deploy the rods, and invite community to gather, familiarize themselves with the local environment, and discuss the projected impacts of sea level rise.

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