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The All Bay Collective (ABC) is a diverse group of locally based and globally experienced professionals, academics, students, and policymakers. They have an extensive record working closely with cities and communities on climate issues in the Bay Area and around the world. They believe an important benefit of the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge is the ability to deliver a lasting educational legacy of well‐trained students who will become the next generation of planning and design professionals with a strong foundation in resilience.

Team partners:


CMG Landscape Architecture

University of California, Berkeley

California College of the Arts

In association with Silvestrum, SKEO, modem, and David Baker Architects


Over the next five months, the All Bay Collective will develop design concepts to provide the San Leandro Bay-Oakland Coliseum area with a wide range of economic opportunities and housing alternatives along with increased resilience to the threats of sea level rise and groundwater flooding.

The All Bay Collective looks forward to forming partnerships with the local communities of San Leandro Bay-Oakland Coliseum. They envision a process of co-creation with activist groups and residents that links today’s concerns and priorities to a plan for long-term resilience, affordability, decent jobs, and livability.


The area surrounding San Leandro Bay is divided by jurisdictional and infrastructural boundaries but shares the risks of sea level rise and groundwater flooding. This body of water connects the Oakland Coliseum area, the City of Alameda (main island), Bay Farm Island, the Oakland International Airport, and the San Leandro watershed.


The All Bay Collective approach to the San Leandro Bay-Coliseum site will pursue three core ideas:

  • Tidal Cities, where rising tides and groundwater can be accommodated within the urban edge;
  • Resilient Corridors, which allow for continued mobility despite changing sea levels; and
  • Resilient Equity Hubs, a new governance model to create alliances among agencies, community advocates, and residents that go beyond current jurisdictional boundaries.  


Many miles of road infrastructure already experience flooding during high-tide and king-tide events. Research on flooding at the Coliseum site revealed that rising sea levels are likely to cause problems first through the lower reaches of local creeks and then spreading out of the creek channels near I-880. In addition, groundwater mapping revealed that the Coliseum site and the land to the north and south have a shallow water table, which increases the risk of groundwater flooding. The presence of more socially and economically vulnerable residents in the area heightens the importance of developing resilient concepts that give all communities the opportunity to thrive in the San Leandro Bay-Coliseum area.

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