Summary of the team’s strengths and relevant experience:

    • Designate the Design Team name; team lead firm and primary contact, as well as a primary contact for each member firm/organization.
    • Provide a narrative summary of the team’s collective strengths and experience relevant to the goals of the challenge and to the team's conceptual approach. Clearly articulate each team member's specific contribution to this effort and the interdisciplinary strength that distinguishes the team. Discuss past collaborative efforts among team members, if applicable.

Selected relevant projects and expertise:

    • Submit highlights of previous work relevant to the goals of the challenge and to the team’s research focus and design approach. Include both visual and non-visual examples. Do not include links to external documents.
    • Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate examples of direct involvement and support of most vulnerable communities. These communities can be defined as groups that have a history of disproportionately less representation in environmental policy and/or projects, and are most economically and environmentally impacted by heavy industrial activity, and development, and are vulnerable to climate-related problems, due to lack of resources required for community resilience.