The Home Team

North Richmond, Contra Costa County


The Home Team developed a series of ecological infrastructure prototype designs in partnership with community stakeholders. The prototypes served two main functions in the design process: enhancing community engagement and excitement through building a tangible project; and providing a research platform that will informed evidence-based design of resilient ecological infrastructure appropriate to the Bay Area environment.

Marisha Farnsworth, worked with Laney College Students to build a floating wetland prototype using digital fabrication technology and buoyant concrete. In the face of sea level rise, flooded wetlands will displace plant and animal communities including endangered species. With the goal of eliminating the synthetic foams and plastics of other floating wetland models, a custom concrete mix was developed that integrated oyster shells and light-weight aggregates to create substrate for native oyster growth and a floating enclosure for organic wetland substrate.

Student Team: 

  • Amelia Dreyer 

  • Lauralyn Curry-Leech

  • Ze’ev Lailari 

  • Abe Finkelstein