King Tides in the Bay AreA

Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge is excited to partner with the CA King Tides Project to help collect valuable documentation of today’s high tides and raise awareness about future sea level rise impacts. Learn more about the CA King Tides project here.

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This year’s king tide dates are December 3-5, 2017 and January 1-2, 2018. We highly encourage Design Teams to contribute to the CA King Tides Initiative through social media engagement. This is an opportunity to help the region visualize future sea level rise impacts.

Below are a few suggestions for how to encourage Bay Area residents to document the king tides and relate this event to future sea level rise challenges and your Design Opportunities. We’ve also included sample social media content that was sent out to our mailing list.


Suggestions for your Team Social Media Account(s)

  • Encourage people to get outside to the bay shore, document the king tides, and share their photos on social media and Flickr. Use our sample posts & graphics below or create your own using the Canva app and the CA King Tides Photo Initiative Flickr pool. Add the Emerji stickers (co-created by Public Sediment member Beth Ferguson) to your phone and download the .png files here to add to your Canva designs!
  • Take photos of the King Tides at your Design Opportunity sites and share across social media platforms. Take a photo during a normal high tide and share comparison photos. CA King Tides Project website has a map listing out king tide times at the various tide gauges around the region. You can also easily download an app like Tides Near Me to more specifically locate high tide near your Design Opportunities.
  • Share this graphic with the following text to emphasize connections between king tides and the Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge.

    Twitter: #kingtides are a glimpse into #ourclimatefuture. Join the regional conversation on building a more climate #resilientbay! @CA_king_tides @ResilientBay #resilientbydesign #bayareachallenge #bayarea #kingtideseason #climatechangeisreal

    IG/Fb: #kingtides are a glimpse into #ourclimatefuture. Join the regional conversation on building a more climate #resilientbay! @ca_king_tides @ResilientBayArea #resilientbydesign #bayareachallenge #bayarea #kingtideseason #climatechangeisreal

  • Attend a King Tides event and document your presence on social media. Events can be found here.

  • On all your posts, ask followers to tag your Team’s account, @CA_king_tides & @ResilientBayArea & hashtag your Team name, #KingTides & #ResilientBay! Hashtag #emerji if you use the Emerji .png files.

Sample Social Media Kit

Download the kit below for sample social media to shared with our mailing list. It includes additional graphics and sample posts to share throughout this King Tide season.