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Researcher, UC Davis Watershed Sciences Center

Ms. Schaefer is a nationally recognized expert in flood risk management. She is part of an innovative research team working at the UC Davis Watershed Science Center examining opportunities to convert flood risk into value that can be leveraged to buy down risk.  Ms. Schaefer is a passionate advocate for replacing our nation’s antiquated flood control philosophy with a modern, science based, data driven, integrated, flood risk management philosophy that engages the whole community.  

Ms. Schaefer has over 30 years of experience in water resources management, working in both in the public and private sectors. For almost a decade, Kathleen worked as a FEMA Regional Engineer managing over $10M in new mapping projects in California. She is a recipient of the Floodplain Management Association's Goddard Award for Outstanding Contribution to FMA newsletter and Hogg-Owen Award for Meritorious Achievement.