Jesus HernandeZ

Neighborhood Support Project, JCH Research

The research of urban sociologist Dr. Jesus Hernandez is dedicated to understanding social problems that affect community cohesion, neighborhood development, and quality of life. His research focuses on how institutional structures and market interventions articulate the nexus between race and economy and highlights the importance of equitable urban planning, housing finance, and public policy in building effective community-based economic development strategies. Although trained as an urban sociologist, his areas of specialization also include community development, economic geography, and race relations.

His research places a priority on the dynamics between urban governance, private enterprise and the practice of community economic development, focusing on how these associations can either create safe, sustainable communities or produce disparate impact and uneven economic growth that interrupts local efforts towards neighborhood stabilization. Emphasizing the use of case study methods, his evaluation-oriented forensic approach to studying neighborhood stabilization and market performance brings a more complete understanding of how the racial and spatial concentration of poverty can impact implementing sustainable community strategies in neighborhoods experiencing long-term disinvestment and poverty.