Flood Mobile (the Flo-Mo)

Bionic Team, San Rafael 

Marin County

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 12.55.02 PM.png

To increase the visibility of the issue to people at all elevations, generate awareness about the cause, and stimulate a commitment to building resilience, the Bionic Team designed the Flood Mobile (Flo-Mo) with the message that flooding affects everyone and everything. It will hopefully serve as a tool for community partners to continue their work. Flo-Mo was at many of the Bionic Team’s events and was driven around San Rafael to accompany Canal Welcome Center programming.

Your Turn 

Design a narrative about flooding fit to the dimensions of a vehicle and use a vehicle wrapping service. Then drive it around town!

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kingmond young photo SR Flood Fair_q1a9245 (1).jpg