final designs

FINAL DESIGN | May 1 - May 31, 2018

Resilient by Design will celebrate the challenge’s ten design solutions as they advance towards implementation through a variety of challenges such as media promotion and public programming.

In order to provide an opportunity for the public and media to observe, understand, and celebrate the final proposals, Design Teams will first present their final solutions in a public forum and display their presentation boards boards in order to provide an opportunity for the public and media to observe, understand and celebrate the final proposals. The public presentation will be followed by a public reception to honor the Design Teams, attended by the Jury  and political, governmental and community leaders.

The following day, Design Teams will present the final designs to the Jury. Both of these presentations should showcase the final design and the components (research, community engagement/feedback, finance and implementation plans, etc.) that went into creating and informing the designs.

The Jury will evaluate the final proposals based on design excellence and based on project criteria (defined in the Collaborative Research Phase).  and identify winning projects to recognize design excellence and innovative implementable projects. Teams will have the opportunity to incorporate the Jury’s feedback into their final design proposals before submitting the final project to Resilient by Design.

After Design Teams present to the Jury, the Jury will meet separately to identify the winning projects. A public announcement of the winners will occur following the Jury’s evaluation.

NOTE: Though funding has not been identified for the implementation of these designs, Resilient by Design will do what we can to support Design Teams projects to move forward. Winning the challenge does not guarantee that projects are moving forward through the procurement of services. Final contracting decisions will be made solely by the site owners/controllers, such as governmental agencies, not the Resilient by Design challenge or its partners.