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The cohort of Resilient by Design projects offers innovative design concepts that respond to the challenge of a rising bay, as well as creative ways to involve community members in this work. The flexibility of the Resilient by Design process and the creativity of the design teams created a unique opportunity for education and engagement opportunities that go beyond a traditional public input process to build deeper community awareness and involvement in climate adaptation planning and design.


These tools were created to achieve two primary goals

The first goal was to raise awareness around the increasing flood risk in the Bay Area due to sea level rise, severe storms and rising groundwater. While Bay Area residents have a high level of understanding of the overall challenges of climate change, awareness about how our own communities will be affected is still emerging. The extent of flood risk we face, and the variety of tools available to mitigate these risks are not well known. Resilient by Design Teams created tools to raise awareness around the risks we face, and how nature based solutions can play a role in protecting and enhancing our communities. 

The second goal was to involve local community members in the design process. Local design solutions are enhanced by the on-the-ground knowledge that community members bring, and the involvement by a broad group of stakeholders early on in a design process can create significant momentum toward next steps and implementation. Resilient by Design Teams worked with local partners to develop creative ways to catalyze innovative design concepts through community participation to set these projects up for success.




Visual Images




Interactive Models

  • Sponge Tub
  • Peg Map
  • Speaking Bay 
  • Flood Kit
  • Models 
  • Bay Model
  • Groundwater Flooding Model


Installations + Activities

  • Mobile Billboards
  • Sea Leveling Rods
  • Kinetic Sand Activity




  • Flood Fair
  • Living With Water Series
  • Creek Crawl
  • Watershed Tour
  • Discovery Walk
  • Community Shopfront


Training Local Advocates

Flood Toy, Flood Fair