Dynamic Land Mass

This group explored design an outer barrier, or land mass, to reduce potential wave erosion and to direct and slow tidal inundation at the Bay edge. The land mass concept was originally introduced by the Alameda Flood Control District and is designed to be put in place with planned marsh restoration and levee breaching. 

In the studio, students investigated this concept in more depth, exploring how the earthwork might perform as a multi-functional wave attenuator and as a diverse set of ecological habitats, ranging from sub-tidal to upland. Students explored a variety of landform and living shoreline concepts to increase ecological value for a range of endangered and targeted species. The differences between the outer exposed slope facing the Bay (more wave energy) and the inner slope facing the restored marshes provided two distinct conditions to design for. Instead of creating one master plan of the forms and character of a land mass, each student worked individually in context to the unifying concept to produce increased exploration and understanding of a living edge at this site.