Moving the Bay Area Challenge Forward


The Collaborative Design Phase culminated in May 2018 with the Resilient Bay Summit and the announcement of nine innovative design concepts developed collaboratively with communities, local governments, stakeholders, and Design Teams. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights from this spring.

Collaborative Design Phase

In the Design Phase, Design Teams were asked to form working groups of key local community leaders, local agencies, and stakeholders to ensure a collaborative design process. Teams also partnered with local community-based organizations to develop strategies for engaging the general public in each of the sites.

  • Over 20 community organizations worked closely with Design Teams in this phase.
  • Over 120 agencies and 140 stakeholders from community, business, and educational organizations were represented in the project working groups.
  • Thirty-nine (39) public events were produced with our community and educational partners.
  • Over 800 elementary and high school students around the region participated in the Y-PLAN Resilient by Design Youth Resilience Challenge.

The Resilient Bay Summit

The Design Phase culminated in May 2018 with presentations of the final design concepts to the Resilient by Design Jury and a large public celebration at the Resilient Bay Summit.

What's Next

The Resilient Bay Summit served as the culmination of the Bay Area Challenge, and the launch of next steps toward transforming Resilient by Design’s big ideas into on-the-ground impact.

Key stakeholders including elected leaders, agency staff and community organizations are continuing to build on the momentum created by Design Teams to move the project ideas forward and contribute to the broader conversation on our region's resilience to sea level rise and climate change!

The million dollar question (or is it $50 billion dollar question?) on everyone’s mind is where funding will come from to move forward. The BCDC Financing the Future Working Group has already stepped up to host a workshop on July 19th dedicated to connecting Resilient by Design stakeholders and others interested in resilient infrastructure with experts to provide information and support to access existing regional, state and private funding sources that are currently available.

The effort and ideas generated by the Bay Area Challenge will be developed into a Resilient by Design book and will include recommendations for next steps at a local, regional and state level that have emerged from this challenge - stay tuned!

Tira Okamoto