Meet the Selected Design Opportunity Sites


On January 11th, we announced the 10 local sites, threatened by climate change, that have been selected for further development in the Collaborative Design Phase. From now until May 2018, Design Teams, communities, and local stakeholders will work together to create resilient design solutions for our rising bay.

Spanning all 9 Bay Area counties, the 10 sites selected serve as a significant next step in our region’s fight to protect vulnerable communities facing rising sea levels and rising rents, while charting a course forward that is rooted in regional collaboration.

Selected Design Opportunity Sites




What's Next

Over the next 5 months, local residents, city officials, and community-based organizations from each site will work alongside 10 Design Teams of local and international experts to address specific threats in their communities and build out a design idea at each site that can be replicated throughout our region and the world.

By combining the technical knowledge of international experts with the local knowledge of Bay Area residents, the process aims to create solutions that will tackle ongoing climate issues impacting the entire Bay Area, like sea level rise, severe flooding, and seismic risks, alongside other, sometimes more pressing, challenges, including lack of housing, displacement, limited access to public land, and outdated transportation.

To accomplish this, we need your participation.

Now is the moment to work together as one resilient bay to activate these 10 sites, spurring innovative design and furthering the regional conversation on sea level rise and climate change impacts in the Bay Area.

The end result in May 2018 will be new ideas — ready to be built in diverse communities around the Bay Area — and a blueprint for the region to keep building resilience at a local level and set an example for the world.

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Tira Okamoto