Community Resilience Investment Decision Making Tool

The All Bay Collective, San Leandro Bay Estuary 

Alameda County

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The Community Resilience Investment Decision Making Tool was developed for communities to use to prioritize and advocate for community resilience when new investments occur within the community. It is a quadruple bottom line framework for measuring the social, environmental, financial, and governance benefits associated with different adaptation strategies. The All Bay Collective applied this tool to evaluate the co-benefits of three different scenarios: (1) the 

“Before” scenario, where few resilience actions had been pursued; (2) the “Current and Proposed Plans” scenario, where stakeholders are pursuing a variety of independent resilience actions, including adopted plans and strategies; and (3) the “Estuary Commons” scenario, based on the collaborative and comprehensive design vision. In consultation with agency and community representatives during the Design Phase of Resilient by Design, the team developed criteria, indicators, and metrics associated with each bottom line. The criteria and indicators correspond to issues of importance to local stakeholders. 

It is designed as a dynamic, flexible framework that users can adapt as priorities, realities, and risks change. 

Your Turn 

Use the community resilience investment decision making tool.