Collaborative Research phase

September  - December, 2017

Ten selected Design Teams will participate in a three-month Collaborative Research Phase with Resilient by Design staff and the Research Advisory Committee. By participating in this phase, Design Teams will gain a strong understanding of the latest estimates of climate impacts and the threats it poses to San Francisco Bay’s ecosystems and communities. Teams will engage with experts on the issues facing our communities—from future flooding, seismic, and sea level rise risks, to existing economic, transportation, and social and demographic inequities.

The Collaborative Research Phase will include engagement of community members as well as government leaders and relevant experts to share their experiences, insights, and priorities for their areas. Design Teams will also drive self-directed research to develop their proposed conceptual focus for the challenge. With this knowledge, Design Teams will learn the community’s perspective and be inspired to develop responsive plans to existing and future community needs. Design Teams can expect to integrate feedback into their research from local jurisdictions, the public, and implementing government agencies. At the kickoff of this phase, Design Teams will receive a briefing package, including data and resources related to the ecological and social resilience of the Bay.

At the end of this phase, each Design Team must submit three to five “Design Opportunities.” Design Opportunities must reflect the team’s conceptual approach as well as key findings in this phase. Design Opportunities are defined as key projects that best utilize the Design Team’s expertise, and that have the potential for maximum impact by addressing the region's multiple vulnerabilities. Depending on their expertise and approach, Design Teams have the flexibility to propose the scale of these opportunities, which may range from site-specific, city-scale, multi-jurisdictional, or a Bay regional system. These projects should serve as models for other places in the Bay Area and beyond with similar challenges.

Teams will present their Design Opportunities in a public event. The Research Advisory Committee will evaluate each of the Design Opportunities and select only one for each team to further develop in the Collaborative Design Phase. In matching projects to each Design Team, projects will be distributed around the entire nine counties in the Bay Area. Resilient by Design reserves the right to direct a team’s proposed opportunity to a geographical site in order to achieve a bay-wide reach.