Collaborative Design Phase

December, 2017 - May, 2018

The Collaborative Design Phase will provide the opportunity for teams to further develop their designated Design Opportunity. Design Teams will integrate their Collaborative Research Phase findings and analysis into the design process. Projects will be located in areas where research has shown vulnerabilities, and where there is demonstrated strong local governmental and community support for implementing design-driven innovation and creative solutions.

While the Design Teams will lead this work, this phase will also involve a facilitated, iterative community engagement process. This process will inform a creative, innovative, and inclusive design approach and will build support for eventual implementation. Teams will collaborate with community and elected leaders to leverage existing knowledge. Depending on the selected design and geographical area, this outreach may include residents, community-based organizations, businesses, land-owners, elected officials, and the implementing or permitting government agencies. The challenge will also create innovative community events as a way to build interest and support of the project.

Design solutions must effectively address critical issues related to climate change, flooding and storm surges, sea level rise, and/or seismic events, while also creating benefits that will increase the ecological and social resilience in the Bay Area. Concepts should also be in accordance with environmental assessment conditions and other constraints. Design concepts are expected to comply with applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

In addition to design concepts, teams will be expected to propose a strategy for implementation that identifies the partners, funding, and timeframe necessary to advance the project after the challenge closes. Design Teams will have access to expert Resilient by Design partners in sectors from public finance to community engagement. These experts will assist in ensuring the engagement is productive and meaningful for all participants. Moreover, teams will work with professionals to develop a funding or financing plan for their final project. The project’s financing plan will help set up the project for future successful implementation.

By the end of the challenge, this process will result in ten implementable conceptual solutions with ingrained community ownership that respond to the effects of climate change, sea level rise, flooding, and earthquakes.

Resilient by Design will celebrate the challenge’s final design solutions as they advance towards implementation through a variety of channels such as media promotion and public programming. Teams are to be notified of specific dates required to attend in the Bay Area at a later date.


NOTE: Funding has not been identified for the implementation of these designs. Resilient by Design will work closely with Design Teams to ensure a plan is in place to move the projects forward upon completion of the challenge. Winning the challenge does not guarantee that Design Teams will be contracted for the procurement of services. Final contracting decisions will be made solely by the site owners/controllers, such as governmental agencies, not Resilient by Design or its partners.