Bay Area: Resilient by design challenge

As a region, it's time to act.

We know that climate change, sea level rise, increased flooding, and earthquakes pose a real threat to Bayshore communities. There’s no time to wait — it’s time to come together and begin imagining a new future for all of us.

Shira Bezalel, San Francisco Estuary Institute

The Challenge

Launching in 2017, the Bay Area: Resilient by Design Challenge is a proactive response to the increasing threat of climate change. The challenge reflects the spirit of the Bay Area – ambitious thinking that is rooted in creativity, real science, and the community focus needed to put solutions that work for all of us into action. The result? Real, implementable shoreline solutions with local support.


How It Works

Interdisciplinary design teams will work in collaboration with communities to identify solutions to vulnerable locations on the Bay waterfront. Teams will develop creative, exciting, and effective solutions to protect our communities and preserve the Bay for generations to come.


Who's Participating

  • Architects & Designers
  • Landscape Architects & Ecologists
  • Engineers & Infrastructure Experts
  • Community Leaders
  • Civic & Philanthropic Leaders
  • YOU!

Why We Need To Act Now

Rather than wait for disaster, as a community we can work proactively to ensure a better future, creating a blueprint for preparation that harnesses Bay Area innovation and serves as a model for communities around the world.

The Bay Area: Resilient by Design Challenge is modeled after the successful “Rebuild by Design” competition in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region following Hurricane Sandy, that CNN named it “one of the 10 best ideas of 2013.”