Discovery Walk of the San Pablo Baylands


This guided walk used the Bay Trail's new audio tour to highlight how the Sears Point Wetland Restoration Project is transforming a former diked hayfield into a marshland teeming with life. Participants Learned the how, why and what of this amazing landscape in transition--and about how the San Pablo baylands is part of regional hiking, biking, and kayaking trails that encircle or connect the entire bay. You are also welcome to go anytime for a self-guided walk (if you want to listen to the audio tour on your own, please download Vizzit Places in the App Store or inAndroid).

Sears Point RBD_06 (1).JPG
Sears Point RBD_07 (1).JPG
Sears Point RBD_08 (1).JPG
Sears Point RBD_09 (1).JPG
Sears Point RBD_75 (1).JPG