The Bay Area Region

Home to 7M people and at least 1K species of animals, the San Francisco Bay Area is a highly productive ecosystem and economy with a rich natural and socio-economic history. However, the Bay Area faces increasing risks from sea level rise, earthquakes, extreme weather events, flooding, and social inequities. The region must enhance its resilience to be able to effectively respond and thrive given these future risks and vulnerabilities. Resilient by Design will produce designs to enhance regional resilience to disaster risks while supporting its ongoing economic development, ecological health, and the well-being of its citizens. The process is intended to generate innovative ideas from scientists, planners, designers and engineers that take into account the changing nature of the coastal environment.

Producing twenty-first century design for Bayshore communities, high-density urban ecosystems, and ecological networks requires a system perspective at the regional level. Regional scale analyses are necessary to identify biophysical and socioeconomic patterns, and processes that influence system resilience; describe how demographic, economic, and environmental trends influence system resilience; and assess how urban or Bay shore community design influences system resilience. This starter kit of analysis is intended to inform the basis of applicant’s design focus in order to present innovative ideas that meet the standard of resilience.