The conceptual approach is an opportunity for teams to demonstrate how they will independently lead their investigation and analysis of social, economic and physical vulnerabilities around the Bay, in order to develop the three to five Design Opportunities due at the end the Collaborative Research Phase. This is an opportunity to showcase your interest in a particular and typical Bay site typology. Applicants are required to create a video and a written narrative described in the Conceptual Approach Requirements.

For example, a conceptual approach could be to rethink how to balance the interests of ecologically-challenged shoreline and adjacent critical infrastructure such as wastewater treatment facilities, while also considering the impact of severe storms and flooding.

The conceptual approach outlined in a video and writing should serve as an illustration of the applicant’s approach and innovative thinking; however, it is expected that approaches will evolve as the challenge progresses.

In order for the designs to be comprehensive and address both social and physical vulnerabilities—in addition to issues specific to the Bay Area such as sea level rise, severe storms, flooding and earthquakes—it is anticipated that teams will be able to address the interrelated issues noted below. Selected teams will have a deep understanding and proven track record of incorporating some or all of the issue areas outlined below into their design approach.

Social Equity and Environmental Justice