The All Bay Collective Team Updates

Published January 2019

It’s been six months since the Bay Area Challenge ended, what has the All Bay Collective been up to?


The In It Together board game is currently being exhibited at YBCA’s 25th anniversary triennial as part of the CCA Urban Works Agency’s piece entitled “A Seat at the Table."

This installation presents two design-research projects that examine tools for decision-making and self-governance: “Win-Win,” a series of climate change board games, and “Domestic Affairs,” a design-research project about collective living experiments.

More information can be found here.

From L to R: Amanda Brown-Stevens, Resilient by Design; Keta Price, East Bay Oakland Collective; and Stephen Engblom, AECOM speaking on a session about how community-driven planning processes create resilience.

Public x Design Session

As part of Gehl Institute’s Public x Design 2018 Conference,Stephen Engblom, AECOM, Amanda Brown-Stevens, RBD, and Keta Price, East Oakland Collective, led a session on “How Community-Driven Planning Processes Create Resilience”. The session explored how residents, private-sector firms, and public-sector agencies can get in the game together. The group demonstrated how ABC, along with East Oakland community representatives, amplified local voices through collaborative co-design processes and three community-driven planning tools: In It Together Game, ABC Equity Checklist, and Community Resilience Investment Decision-Making Tool quadruple bottom line framework. The panelists also discussed best practices in participatory design from the RBD Bay Area Challenge overall, and demonstrated how these can be applied to all communities facing down the combined threats of environmental injustice and climate change by charting an inclusive and resilient path forward. 

Ecodistrict Summit ABC Interactive Session


The ‘In it together’ game and Keta Price’s articulate presentation on the East Oakland Community really caught the audience attention at a session called Balancing Future Climate Adaptation and Urgent Community Need at the Ecodistricts Summit in Minneapolis, 17-18th October 2018.   Half the participants played a very enthusiastic couple of rounds of ‘In it together’ facilitated by Claire Bonham-Carter (AECOM), totally getting into the role play aspect of the game, and early on understanding the value of collaboration.  The other half of the group had a more brain teasing experience working with Paul Peninger (AECOM) and Keta Price (East Oakland Collective) on applying the quadruple bottom line tool to a fictitious project.

Learn more about Ecodistricts Summit HERE.


Taught by Kristina Hill, Jamie Phillips, Nico Wright and Chris Guillard

EONI nov 10 julia prince.JPG

UC Berkeley graduate students working with Professor Kristina Hill took on a "placekeeping" design exercise, instead of "placemaking" - since typical urban placemaking can feel imposed and accelerate displacement in communities of color. Continuing the All Bay Collective partnership, this course was co taught by Professor Hill as well as Jamie Phillips, Nico Wright and Chris Guillard from CMG landscape Architecture.

They continued working with their All Bay Collective community partners, Keta Price and Colin Cook-Miller from EONI, and brought in Alameda County's Rohin Saleh, Oakland's new Chief Resilience Officer, Alex McBride, and Oakland planner Dylan Hamilton. This time around, they began by addressing the priorities of the community groups - then add our flooding concerns.

CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF THE ARTS Design Studio: Stop Calling Me Resilient 

Taught by Jannette Kim 

Image: Emma Luo

Image: Emma Luo

Students in this design studio asked how structural logics such as the ownership and management of land, access to resources like energy and water, and the social structure of households and communities can overlay onto the hydrological, biological and infrastructural challenges of sea level rise. 

The studio (named after a poster circulated around New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina) built on the findings of the All Bay Collective to develop design strategies that support social and racial equity in Deep East Oakland.