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Rather than wait for a natural disaster, the San Francisco Bay Area is proactively reimagining a better future by creating a blueprint for resilience that harnesses Bay Area innovation and serves as a model for communities around the world.


By stepping outside traditional approaches, we started by asking two questions:

1) Could we come up with innovative solutions to sea level rise and resilience related issues?

2) Could we be proactive in this approach to protect our communities before a disaster strikes? 

It’s no secret — climate change is real, and the threats to the Bay Area must be addressed. Sea level rise affects all of us — not just our communities who have lived by our shoreline for decades and are most vulnerable — but also our roads and airports that support each of our nine counties and 101 cities, the major companies that serve as the backbone of our economy, and services like water treatment and more. 

There’s no time to wait — it’s time to come together and begin imagining a new future for all of us.